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How Do I Set Up A Recurring Gift?
Last Updated 2 years ago

1. Select “Give Now” on the upper right side (if you changed your card/bank info, you will need to set it up with your new card)


2. Under “I would like to Give” enter the amount you wish to give

3. Select Recurring. Then you can customize the frequency of your gift. Your options are; weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, next select your start date

4. Enter your payment type – Bank Account or Credit/Debit Card

5. Select the Fund you wish to give to. If there is more than one option available, you will see a drop down

6. Enter your Bank Account or Card Number

7. A Bank Acct/Card Description will be helpful if you decided to add another card/bank account in the future or if you are using multiple payment methods

8. Next you will be asked to enter your address, you can select either mailing or billing

9. Continue will process your gift. If you are missing any information on the form, you will get a red box pop up at the top of your screen letting you know what fields are needed

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