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How Do I Give From My Church Website?
Last Updated 2 years ago

1. Find the Give option on your church website

2. Under “I would like to Give” enter the amount you wish to give

3. Select either One Time Gift or Recurring. If selecting Recurring you can choose to give weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, then select your start date

4. Enter your payment type – Bank Account or Credit/Debit Card

5. Select the Fund you wish to give to. If there are more than one option, you will see a drop down

6. Enter your Bank Account or Card info

7. A Bank Acct/Card Description will be helpful if you decided to add another card/bank account in the future

8. Next it will ask for your address

9. Enter your name (This is how it will show on the Contribution Statement), phone number, email and a password (this will allow you to log into your Give account if you need to update your card/recurring giving/set up new giving or discontinue your current recurring gift

10. Continue will process your gift. If you are missing any information on the form, you will get a red box pop up at the top of your screen letting you know what fields are needed


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